This is a post about bright pink, one of my favourite mood-enhancing colours for instant energy. A few days ago, I was clearing out some Wedmin (I got married in 2009) and came across the receipt for my wedding day shoes.

Gulp. Wow. I can’t just quite believe I once spent that amount of money on a pair of shoes. It seems crazy now, not living the same fashion-focused London life now as I did then. They were ivory silk pumps by Christian Louboutin and were utterly perfect. But by my wedding night they we not so perfect, already grubby from a dirty dancefloor. I found her lady who dyed silk shoes, and rumour has it she’s dyed shoes for The Queen. It seemed like a no-brainer to give my greyish shoes a new lease of life. But what colour? Probably navy or black to ensure maximum usage, right? I thought about it and knew if I dyed them a sensible colour they would be labelled ‘work’ shoes before long. So instead I selected the most vivid shade of pink, using a ribbon from the John Lewis haberdashery as a guide. They are now ‘celebration’ shoes, solely reserved for parties and weddings. It was one of my best sartorial decisions, because they feel amazing and remind me of my wedding day each time.  


It’s a shade of pink that some call magenta, others fuchsia. The difference is a little technical, and unnecessary in this context. Instead of debating the difference, here is a gallery of fashion and interiors inspiration celebrating bright pink in all it’s attention-grabbing glory. In my experience, even a 10-second smear of vibrant pink lipstick as I’m running out of the door makes a vast difference to my state of mind. 

I’d love to know your favourite mood-enhancing colours. x


Nursery design in the home of Botanical Artist Charlotte Argyrou

My youngest daughter’s bedroom, with fuchsia throw and £1 washi tape


Carmine Bee Eater illustration by Botanical Artist Charlotte Argyrou

My Southern Carmine Bee-Eater illustration £75, limited edition print


Original Tall Gloss Boots by Hunter, WAS £100, NOW £70


Bright Pink Garden chair from


Trench Coat by Zara £69.99


Photo from Graham & Brown


Electric Poppy matte lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury £24


Victoria Beckham, via Pinterest from


Marks and Spencer faux leather handbag £35

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