Botanical illustrator artist Charlotte Argyrou London UK

I am a botanical illustrator, wife and mother living in Greenwich, south east London. I launched my business in October 2017 as a way to channel my creativity and passions in a way that works around hectic and ever-changing family life. For ten years, I worked as a fashion publicist, but frequent travel to Milan and Paris, plus many late nights working at events, quickly became less appealing with babies in the mix. My studio space is upstairs at home, and also houses the over-spill of the wardrobe from my previous life. And of course, my passion for fashion and interiors filters into my illustration work, and I’m so thankful that bringing nature into our homes is finally en vogue.  

My style as a botanical illustrator is precise and detailed, and celebrates the colours and complexities of the natural world. In the formal biography that accompanies my art prints, we describe “exquisite colours and alluring textures, resulting in a hyperreal style which is both emotionally captivating and gracefully accomplished.” I have big goals for this business and dream of illustrating for my favourite fashion, beauty, homeware, bridal and botanical brands. Working with brides as part of my  Wedding Bouquet Illustration Service has been an absolute highlight so far. Ultimately, and taking inspiration from Maya Angelou’s famous quote, my goal is to survive the juggle, or “not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

To follow my adventure launching an illustration business in real time, check out my Instagram page @craftist_in_residence. I will also be sharing my business news, offers and inspirations over on my blog page.Succulent Two botanical illustration by botanical illustrator Charlotte Argyrou