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Currently exhibiting at Hortus, SE London

Upstairs in my studio, the blinding sunshine has just exploded through the concrete clouds as I type this first blog post. Instantly warming and celebratory, I’ll take it as a sign of good times to come. The website launches today, but I began exhibiting in ‘bricks and mortar’ a couple of weeks ago, debuting at Hortus, the botanical lifestyle boutique in bustling Blackheath Village, London. You can even see my reflection in the exterior shot, proving that I have plenty to learn as a blogger (though in my defense, I was trying to avoid the reflection of a police van if I stood to the side). As swelling feeling of pride and achievement blossomed as I stood very much in the way on the narrow pavement: no more Imposter Syndrome – I am a botanical illustrator and I’m open for business. Continue reading Currently exhibiting at Hortus, SE London