Common Kingfisher


Alcedo Atthis


A streak of electric blue, a flash of brilliant orange, a darting flight low over a stream, river or canal: this, if we are lucky, is how we usually experience the Common Kingfisher.  But it also spends much time perching patiently on branches in sheltered waterside spots, waiting for the perfect moment to plunge headlong into the water. Seconds later it flies back to its perch with a fish held firmly in its long, strong beak.  Widely distributed across Europe, Asia and North Africa, this bright little bird is as elusive as it is beautiful.


High quality giclée print on acid free 300gsm cotton rag paper 

Total mount size 40cm x 30cm

Limited edition of 100

It is recommended that art prints are presented behind protective glass to prevent paper discolouration from UV damage

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