Southern Carmine Bee-Eater


Merops nubicoides

The Southern Carmine Bee-eater is bright and colourful, with its predominantly brilliant crimson plumage giving way to shades of green, blue and turquoise on its head and underside.  Native to the woodlands and savannahs of sub-equatorial Africa, it is noisy and highly sociable, with large colonies nesting in series of holes on steep river banks or on flat ground.  It swoops in flight to catch flying insects, including bees, while at rest it perches on branches or rides on the backs of animals.  To see a flock of thousands of individual Southern Carmine Bee-eaters taking off for their annual migration in September and October is to witness one of the world’s greatest bird spectacles.

High quality giclée print on acid free 300gsm cotton rag paper 

Total mount size 40cm x 30cm

Limited edition of 100

It is recommended that art prints are presented behind protective glass to prevent paper discolouration from UV damage

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