Tawny Owl


Strix aluco

The Tawny Owl is a true night owl. With a detailed knowledge of its own patch of woodland, exceptionally sharp hearing and a talent for completely silent flight, it is well adapted in the darkest hours of the night for catching a variety of prey, including rodents, bats and birds. Europe’s most common owl is big and brown, with intricately patterned plumage, a large head and a gentle expression. Although difficult to see in the wild, the Tawny Owl’s distinctive “twit twoo” hoot, so synonymous with night time, makes it instantly recognisable.

High quality giclée print on acid free 300gsm cotton rag paper 

Total mount size 40cm x 30cm

Limited edition of 100

It is recommended that art prints are presented behind protective glass to prevent paper discolouration from UV damage

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