Ever seek to spark creativity?

Over the last six months or so, I’ve dramatically reduced the amount of time I spend ideally scrolling on Instagram. We’ve all fallen into an online black hole, but sometimes the effect is unsettling where it could be uplifting. Instead, I follow hashtags that I know evoke exactly the dreamy, buzzy burst of inspiration I seek. That way, I know I’m instantly transported to quality creative content. In this new blog series, I’m sharing five hashtags in each post, on a specific theme or effect I hoping to achieve. Here are five of my current favourites to spark creativity.


123K Hashtag Followers

Golden tones, stylish, chic, high end, beautifully-captured craft.


3.2M Hashtag Followers

High craft, rich hues, art and design, mish-mashed creative moments


326K Hashtag Followers

Super stylish, a little moody, wild, romantic, arty. 


117K Hashtag Followers

Interior-design leaning, colourful, quirky, modern boho


321K Hashtag Followers

Eclectic, outdoorsy, fun and creative.

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So that’s five of my current favourite hashtags I lean on for a digital dose of inspiration, when I can’t get out and about or need ten minutes away from mundane tasks. I’d absolutely love to know your go-to online sources to spark creativity, so come and find me on Instagram and drop me a comment or DM. There are direct links below.

love, charlotte

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