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As a creative living and flower blogger, I’m always excited to cover industry news and beautiful launches. So I’m delighted to welcome artisan florists Victoria Vaught and Jessica Naish to this blog series, as they prepare to launch series one of their Girl Flower Podcast. Both are owners of independent florist businesses and now they are bringing together their experience to host inspirational chinwags with their favourite UK florists and growers. I’m hoping for a good green education and lots of giggles along the way too.

In this blog post, I quickfire interview Vic and Jess about their inspirations, signature style and floral home hacks.  All the featured photography is of flowering by Jess or Vic.

Girl Flower Podcast

We’re launching the Girl Flower Podcast because…

We are passionate about our industry and want to help spread inspiration and love to our fellow flowery folk. We want to create a community that is friendly and inspirational to all. We also love a good chat.

And we’re scared that…

No one will listen!

But we’re excited that…

We will be able to chat to so many industry greats who have been our inspiration throughout the years.


A Few of Our Favourite Things

Our signature floral styles are…

Anything flower heavy and luxurious with loads of roses. British grown flowers and foliages made a big appearance in both of our designs last year too.

And here’s how we discovered our signature styles…

Style just develops naturally as knowledge grows.

My all-time favourite flower is…

Jess: Hydrangea

Vic: Rose

My favourite scent is…

Jess: Scented geranium leaves

Vic: Jasmine or the first whiff of a bag of dried orange slices in wreath making season

The species that should be sent to Room 101 is…

Both: Gerbera



My first floral memory is…

Jess: Making poppy ladies with my Mum and Grandma

Vic: Watching my Nan creating dried flower arrangements to hang in her loo

The species with the most sentimental value to me is…

Jess: Anemone, they were my Grandma’s favourite

Vic: Freesia, my Nan’s favourite

The most beautiful bouquet I’ve ever seen was…

Jess: It’s impossible to pick one but I am always taken by anything with big blousey roses and trailing jasmine with (of course) geranium leaves in there too

Vic: Probably something by Jenn Pinder

My wedding bouquet was/will be…

Jess: Mine was just a bunch of mixed ranunculus that I tied on the morning of my wedding.

Vic: Mine will be big and blousy with lots of scent and foliage, like this one illustrated below by Charlotte 

Like the the idea of a wedding bouquet illustration?

Our Floral Home Hacks

If you’ve got £20 to spend on flowers/decor for a dinner party, you should…

Jess: Buy spray roses and garden herbs and display in tea cups or jars

Vic: Buy one variety of flower en masse and put individual stems in bud vases along the table, accent with loads of tea lights and candles

My top tip for Spring florals at home is…

Jess: Bowls of bulbs covered in fresh green moss and small vases of scented narcissus

Vic: Remember a door wreath is not just for Christmas. A fresh moss wreath planted with primrose, muscari and early blossom branches is lush. Just go easy on the gingham and fake chicks

With a £50 budget, the best botanical/floral gift for a loved one is…

Jess: A big hydrangea bush if the gift was for me

Vic: A beautiful scented bouquet from The Real Flower Company

In all my years of experience, here’s my one tip to make your florals at home look better and last longer…

Jess: Disinfect your vases before each new arrangement goes in

Vic: Get a professional to arrange them and change the water frequently

When it comes to wearing floral prints, I…

Jess: Don’t

Vic: Embrace wholeheartedly

In my home, florals are… 

Jess: Kept in vases, plant pots and my garden is a fairytale floral dream

Vic: In my wardrobe

Find Out More

If you’ve loved scrolling through Jess and Vic’s portfolio of beautiful florals and all reading all their floristry home hacks, you can discover more here:

Follow @girlflowerpodcast on Instagram to be ready for the series launch

Ivy Amelia Florals founded by Victoria Vaught

Jessica Rose Flowers founded by Jessica Naish

With thanks to the following photographers: Lisa Payne Photography   |   Natalie J Weddings   |   Clare Tam-Im


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