I love a Royal Wedding, the arrival of a Royal Baby or special Royal anniversary. Though I can see why some people challenge their privilege in a modern world, I love to get swept up in the excitement, goodwill and merriment of a Royal Occasion. Duchess of Sussex wedding bouquet illustration by Charlotte Argyrou Keen to join in, play my part, I thought I’d draw Meghan’s wedding bouquet over the weekend, ready to send to the newlyweds on Monday morning. As a newbie in the wedding industry, it also felt like a good opportunity to showcase my Wedding Bouquet Illustration Service to perhaps a wider audience who may not have come across me through a Google search.


As Meghan and her mother drove along the stunning driveway of Cliveden House Hotel, I stood inches from my television screen hoping it would give me a better view of the dress. And as she exited the car, I was ready – iPhone in hand – to take snaps of her bouquet and run to my desk and draw. My heart nearly sunk though my feet when in the first moments on the steps of the chapel, Meghan was bouquetless.  The camera cut away to Harry, while I messaged a line of skull-face and shock-face emojis to my private Facebook group of ultra-supportive wedding industry suppliers: “Where’s her bouquet?”. Turns out, that was a massive over-reaction on my part. By the time the camera cut back to Meghan beginning the procession, she was holding a neat posey of small white flowers. But the reality was, I just couldn’t see well enough to draw in the detail my illustration style prescribes. So I downed tools, and headed out to the Flower Garden in my local Greenwich Park for a picnic instead.

Photo from Harper’s Bazaar

Within a few hours, clearer photographs began to appear on the internet. My consulting florist Sally at Sweet Pea Rosa was able to send me specific species names featured in the bouquet. Without high resolution photography however, the composition is always about creating an interpretation, encompassing all the species in an image that best represents the spirit of the bouquet, and indeed the wedding. 


I finished the drawing by 2.30pm on Sunday, and carefully wrapped it with a Certificate of Authenticity and protective packaging. It was signed for at Clarence House at 8am on the following Tuesday morning. That trackable signature always brings a sigh of relief! What will come of it now, I don’t know. But I enjoyed the process, quick turnaround, and the social media excitement that surrounded it. 
Duchess of Sussex wedding bouquet illustration by Charlotte Argyrou

Duchess of Sussex’s bouquet, drawn by Charlotte Argyrou

Duchess of Sussex wedding bouquet illustration by Charlotte Argyrou on You & Your Wedding Instagram

You & Your Wedding Magazine showcased my illustration to their 182K Followers on Instagram

Duchess of Sussex wedding bouquet illustration by Charlotte Argyrou on Jade Beer Instagram

Jade Beer, Editor of Conde Nast Brides UK featured my illustration on her personal Instagram account

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Wedding bouquet

Congratulations to the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Photo from Getty Images via Harper’s Bazaar

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