“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” I sang merrily as I assembled the cafetiere for breakfast time this morning. “What’s with you?” enquired my husband, but I’m pretty sure he knew. You see, September is my New Year as I love all the things it represents – and it’s just around the corner.

As I type, the rain is beating against my studio window and I couldn’t be happier. It’s full-on pounding rain, bouncing off the window sill, with long, fast drops descending the pane and no sign of easing up. It’s the deluge we have been thirstily awaiting, after six weeks of hot, heavy weather.  I am thrilled for our droopy tomato plants and delighted for the dahlias, who are truly alive and abundant today. But mostly, I’m giddy on that first pang of excitement in my heart for Autumn. 


Assorted Pencils £12.50, by Katie Leamon

As a child, the new academic year = new pencils. I used to love when my mother took me into town mid-August on an annual pilgrimage to visit WHSmith. We’d perfectly, precisely and arduously agonize over selecting a couple of ring binders, maybe a pencil tin, and a new set of felt tips. A new eraser was the Holy Grail, as I used to hate the feel of a crumbling old one experienced by summer. The same spirit of a “fresh start” lives on with me today, and I’m a big believer the today is the first day of the rest of your life. 

John Lewis autumn home decor image chosen by botanical artist Charlotte Argyrou, representing 2018 hygge

Autumn Style by John Lewis

Hygge, loosely translating to “cosy” and Lagom, translating to “not-too-much-not-too-little” are the guiding principles to my September. This month celebrates darker evenings, but without bitter cold. Sunday roasts and hot chocolate, but not the excesses of December. And for a knitwear obsessive like me, I relish the opportunity to unload my winter archive box from it’s hiding place at the top of my wardrobe. Maybe a surprising combination with a summer skirt with be expectantly revealed. Ahhhhh the comfort of long leather boots. A stomp through the woods with an inviting pub as the destination. The gathering of friends, in from the light chill. A happy outdoorsy weekend unwound with a Sunday night whisky in a proper glass. These are a few of my favourite things. And The White Company autumn catalogue. I audibly let out a squeal when that drops through the letterbox. 

The White Company autumn lifestyle image chosen by botanical artist Charlotte Argyrou to represent autumn hygge 2018

Autumnal vibes with The White Company


The gentle buzz of the coming of Christmas nestles in my heart and won’t quit for three months. I expect it will be my busiest time for botanical illustration bookings. Last year, I was overwhelmed to know that three unsuspectingly recipients would be unwrapping gifts created by me, commissioned by their loved ones. Two were Summer 2017 brides, and I had secretly been in cahoots with their relatives who purchased my Wedding Bouquet Illustration Service. The other was a red-breasted robin illustration, which I gave to my father knowing he always feels in good company when this jolly little bird comes to visit him while gardening. 

Autumnal colour palette by Elena Morelli

This time last year I didn’t even have a website, so I’m nervous, excited, upbeat and grateful to see what opportunities this Autumn/Winter brings. It is, afterall, the most wonderful time of the year. 

Tawny Owl illustration by botanical illustration Charlotte Argyrou. Limited edition Giclee artprint.

My limited edition tawny owl print is available now



Wishing to own everything ever designed by: Katie Leamon

I’d spend my last penny in: John Lewis

Always aspiring to the wholesome home decor presented by: The White Company

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