One of my favourite hygge rituals at this time of year is to spruce my home – especially the walls – with little updates. Hanging new frames, switching around pictures, tweaking colour palettes – all help to refresh and bring cosiness to the home. For this reason, I think the autumn season and hygge sensations go hand-in-hand. It’s something you feel, that ebbs and flows and brings with it moments of great joy and belonging. I spoke to four stylish brands about the little traditions at this time of year that best evoke these feelings. 


Donna Ford is an interior designer, photographer and blogger, currently shortlisted for Best Newcomer at the Amara Interior Blog Awards. 

 “Although hygge has Danish roots, it’s not exclusively linked to Scandi minimalist interior style and it embraces a realisation, a moment to be savoured, a present mind. Something that we probably take for granted. For me nothing beats sitting with friends chatting after a nourishing feast with a glass of wine and a record playing, laughing and sharing the current affairs of our lives and and maybe trying to forget some things. And here as always, the lighting of the space facilitates the mood.” 
Neptune kitchen lifestyle image on botanical illustrator Charlotte Argyrou's blog

Kitchen by Neptune

Donna adds, “We underestimate the function of lighting in good interior design and keeping it dim brings intimacy and cosiness for me. Apparently it’s in our genes to eat and converse in dim light in the evening to keep us safe from predators in the wild so there is a reason that this lighting state makes us feel so secure.”
hygge rituals by The White Company on botanical illustrator Charlotte Argyrou's blog

Low level lighting by The White Company

“So how do we achieve this? Dimmer switches in rooms, various lights dotted around the room on the wall, tables or even on the floor and dare I say it, a couple of candles will achieve the same feeling too! Harnessing this same relaxing principle, I do this on my own in the bath where the lights must be dim and the phone left in another room to just have time with me and my thoughts. This is when design has the power to induce well-being.”
Copper Dimmer Switch by Dowsing & Reynolds on botanical illustrator Charlotte Argyrou's blog

Copper Dimmer Switch by Dowsing & Reynolds


Valentina Ring of The Stars Inside is a wedding and events stylist with a totally dreamy aesthetic. She finds comfort in time spent alone with her thoughts and her pencils. 

Valentina Ring shares her hygge rituals on botanical artist Charlotte Argyrou's blog

Valentina Ring of The Stars Inside

“For me, the most soothing form of contentment comes from sketching: I find myself a cozy corner of sofa, where I can curl up under a blanket, paper pad gently rested on my knees, and pencils all around me. The sense of calm that it gives me comes from three things:

(1) it’s one of the only moments I take for myself which has no agenda or ulterior motive – which I find difficult these days, when even social media has become a business tool

(2) it’s one of the only skills I have from which I’ve never expected more than a hobby or a space for personal development

(3) it’s one of the only times when I allow myself not to multi-task. When drawing, time quietens down, my limbs relax in the warmth, and my mind focuses in a very grounding kind of way. I feel present, and immersed in the joy of an uncomplicated, carefree activity – alone but not lonely – purposeful, but not rushing towards a goal. To me, it represents the ritual of pressing pause on everything else, unapologetically, and intentionally single-tasking.” 

Handmade paper and calligraphy on botanical artist Charlotte Argyrou's blog

Handmade paper by @katecullenstyle. Calligraphy by @lauraelizabethpatrick. Photography by @georgina_photo


Kate Cullen is a Creative Director for many artisan brands, as well as maker of her own collection of exquisite luxurious ribbons and papers. She edits new lifestyle magazine NURTURE: For Soulful Creatives, for which I am a Contributing Writer and Illustrator.

Styling by @_thegatherer. Photo by @georgina_photo

Kate’s autumnal hygge ritual involves getting outdoors and sourcing the goodies that she will use as dyes for her products. I adore Autumn, it’s my favourite season, the transition between Summer and Winter means you get the best of both in my opinion – sunny days still perfect for long walks through Autumn colour, but lower temperatures perfect for cozying up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and a film. This season is a time of gathering for me and my natural dyes – from elderberries and blackberries for the dye pot, to sloes and conkers for fun!”

Nurture Magazine cover in hygge rituals blog post by botanical illustrator Charlotte Argyrou

              Nurture, edited by Kate Cullen. Photo by @georgina_photo


I’ve always be drawn to scent as an instant moodchanger, scene-setter and cosy-creator. My ultimate personal scent is Diptyque Philosykos. I drab a drop of the roll-on oil on each pulse point and let the heady richness do its thing. Naomi and Sarah, founders of luxury candle brand SevenSeventeen, agree. Their motto, “Mood-boosting Candles for the Burnt Out”, perfectly sums up how scent becomes part of a hygge ritual. “As the nights draw in and there’s a nip in the air, lighting a luxurious scented candle at the end of a long day becomes a nightly ritual. Unlike the more delicate florals or zestier fragrances synonymous with summer, autumn presents the opportunity to light some of the heavier, more decadent scents from our collection. We’ll go for smoky black oud, spicy black pomegranate or for glowing embers, our earthy fireside smell evocative of hot crackling fires.’ All Seven Seventeen candles are hand-poured, made in England, in recycled jars AND support incredible charities. Each purchase of my favourite – Be Still – offers £1 to CALM. 

hygge rituals Be Still candle by Seven Seventeen on botanical artist Charlotte Argyoru's blog

Be Still candle, from £22, by SevenSeventeen

So lower the lights, light a candle, make a crumble from foraged berries and get out your pencils. Autumn is here. I’d love to here about your personal hygge rituals and how you embrance the season. 


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